Wine filters
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Ranging from the latest technology in rotary crossflow filters for filtering lees right through to your humble plate filter, we can supply filtration equipment suitable for any requirement.  Our range includes crossflow filters, rotary drum vacuum filters, earth filters, flotation and clarification equipment.

Suppliers include:   TMCI Padovan, SIFA

Ridgelea has been supplying CME Destemmer/Crushers for over 30 years into the wine industry of Australia, and more than 40% of the total Australian crush is now being processed through CME machines!    Ranging from 10 tonnes/hour through to 130 tonnes/hour we are sure to have a machine that will suit your requirements.

Suppliers include:   CME

From 500 L membrane presses right up to 45,000 L membrane presses, we have presses suitable for any winery.  We have budget machines for the smaller winery, vacuum presses for the quality conscious producer, or continuous membrane presses (yes, you read that correctly!) for larger operations that require efficiency as well as quality.

Suppliers include:   Siprem, SK Group

With reputable suppliers and many years of experience, we can supply a variety of pumps in many different styles to suit your needs.   Our knowledge, combined with in-house production facilities, gives us the ability to custom build a pump package to suit your specific requirements.  We also carry a large range of spares to support the pumps we sell.

Suppliers include:   CSF Inox, Mencarelli, CME, Liverani

Relco Instruments have been providing the wine and food industry with quality analysis equipment since 1985.   Their unique systems can analyse your grapes directly over the truck or in the weighbridge, and can provide sugar, pH, TA and colour analysis all in the one machine.

Suppliers include:   Relco Instruments

Other winemaking systems, such as thermovinification, flotation, continuous cold stabilisation, pasteurising and ion exchange are among the range of equipment we can also offer.  Padovan has decades of experience providing these machines to wineries all over the world.

Suppliers include:   TMCI Padovan, Relco Instruments