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Ridgelea has been supplying high quality filtration equipment for over 30 years, a time that has seen massive improvements in the field.   We now offer more traditional styles of filtration, such as earth filters, but also crossflow filters and more recently, the rotary crossflow filter that is designed specifically for lees.  
Padovan Nitor crossflow filter
Nitor Series Crossflow Filters

The Nitor series of crossflow filters have organic capillary membranes (inner diameter approx. 2mm) and nominal porosity of 0.2 micron.

Suitable for filtering grape juice, wine, sparkling wine and vinegar, Nitor is the all-round filter for wineries.

With 3 series within the Nitor range there is sure to be a filter to suit your needs.

  • Nitor CA Series (fully automated and expandable up to 400 sq.m.)

  • Nitor Smart Series (fully automated, available up to 80 sq.m.)

  • Nitor Super Smart Series (semi-automatic, available up to 80 sq.m.)

Dynamos 10.jpg
Dynamos Series Crossflow Filters for Lees

The Dynamos crossflow filter is a rotary dynamic crossflow filter that is designed specifically for the purpose of filtering lees and products that traditionally would not be filterable in a capillary style crossflow filter.  

With its rotating membranes it has the unique ability to be able to filter high solids products, with recovery rates of up to 95% of the available liquid!  

Additives such as bentonite, PVPP, carbon and finings do not present an issue for this machine, making it extremely versatile.

Taylo and Taylo Lux Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

The Taylo and Taylo Lux series of rotary drum vacuum filters have been industry leaders for many years.  The Lux series filters have a patented tilting trough which not only increases the filtration rate but also reduces oxidation.  External extraction pumps make them an excellent machine for cleaning and maintenance.

Green 9.jpg
Greenfilter and Victoria Filters

The Greenfilter and Ecofilter series filters are horizontal plate pressure leaf filters.   They can be supplied in sizes ranging from 2 sq.m. right through to 80 sq.m.  The Greenfilter series are an incredibly versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of products and results, while the Ecofilters have the added ability to filter sparkling products.

From 6 sq.m and up these machines have dry-cake discharge for easier cleaning.

Master and Master Inox Plate Filters

The Master Plate filter series are extremely simple yet versatile filters.  Available in many sizes and configurations, these can be used in many different situations and industries.

Find Wine Filter Solutions Designed to Support Operations at Scale

When you need to replace or add a new wine filter to your production operations, what kind will be the right one for your needs? How can you ensure you remove only the unwanted components you want to eliminate while leaving behind a more clarified wine that reflects the visual properties you wish to see in a bottle? With so many kinds of wine filtration equipment on the market today, it is not always easy to know which to choose or where to make your investment. Making the right choice the first time matters, though, and finding an experienced team to lend a hand might not be a bad idea. At Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment, we're proud to bring more than 70 years of total experience in the winemaking industry to bear for our clients.

With a wide range of wine purification products and an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of each type of unit, Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment is perfectly positioned to outfit your winery with the upgrades it requires. Let's explore the importance of the choice you're about to make, then explore some fast facts about the different types of wine filters in Australia we provide for sale.

The Importance of Wine Filtration Equipment

The average shopper has no idea how much effort goes into creating that bottle of beautifully clear red wine that they pour into their glass. They often don't know there is a difference between fining and filtration, either. When fining is not an option, or when you require results faster or more efficient than what you can achieve with fining, filtration is the ideal solution. Your choice of wine filters in Australia is important for many reasons:

  • Specifically for reds, filtration ensures a more brilliant colour. Clarifying the wine through filtration ensures that the wine does not take on a "cloudy" appearance. Although primarily an aesthetic improvement, many winemakers find this to be an essential part of their process.

  • Filtration contributes to the microbial stability of the wine once bottled. The filtration process removes suspended solids and fine particles, which may include bacteria. Once removed, there is less likelihood of residual fermentation in-bottle, leading to off-flavours.

  • The right filtration equipment offers more value from every harvest, with the capability to extract more usable wine from leftover lees.

Dynamos 1.jpg
The Benefits of a Wine Lees Filter from Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment

Lees are an inevitable by-product of the winemaking process, but there is more you can do with them than merely racking them or throwing them away. The lees often contain a valuable additional product - unlocking that resource is the challenge. We provide filtration equipment specifically designed for working with lees. These options provide benefits such as:

  • Recapturing a significant percentage of product that would otherwise go to waste. By some estimates, up to 15% of the total production volume from a harvest may be left over in lees.

  • The potential for new product developments. Advanced commercial wine filter solutions have begun to achieve the capability to produce a higher quality product filtered from lees, opening more doors for potential value enhancements.

  • Scalability. Whether you need an advanced system that reduces or eliminates oxygen exposure to preserve flavour, or you simply require a basic setup for small-scale lees filtration, we have the supplies you need.

Problems Addressed with an RDV or Rotary Drum Vacuum Wine Filter

One of the more robust types of filters we provide, RDV units involve a rotating drum in which the wine undergoes filtration under the power of a vacuum pump. Filtration via RDV often requires the use of a classic substance in winemaking, diatomaceous earth. What are some of the problems this equipment helps you tackle?

  • The need for equipment that does double duty. Our solutions not only work for lees filtration but are also ideal for filtering musts and fresh juices before the next stage in processing.

  • Oxidation of the wine. Although some exposure to oxygen is inevitable in RDV processing, we've selected hardware designed to minimise this exposure as much as possible. 

  • Sanitisation difficulties. The TMCI Padovan Taylo is easier to clean, simpler to sanitise, and overall straightforward to maintain even with frequent heavy filtration loads.

Nitor +.jpg
What You Should Know About a Cross Flow Filter

One of the more modern and innovative filtration options, a crossflow filter has many advantages over other types of hardware. Though not ideal for every winemaking application, there are many occasions when an investment in a crossflow device can pay dividends for many vintages to come. Here are a few quick things to keep in mind:

  • Crossflow filters are closed-loop systems, meaning all filtration occurs with limited exposure to the outside air. Unlike the RDV, this ensures that no unwanted oxidation occurs.

  • Advanced crossflow filters may enable you to recapture nearly all the wine locked away in lees. Our solutions, such as the TMCI Padovan Dynamos series filter, are ideal for recovering product from lees that can be integrated into your original batch of wine with no downgrade.

  • Crossflow filters use no filtering medium making them inexpensive to run.   Varying levels of automation make it possible for you to select the system that suits your winery.

Nitor XL white bg.jpg
What Sets Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment Apart Regarding Wine Filters?

Choosing the right filter for the job is clearly a matter of importance. Different wines and differing business requirements may demand you choose one filtration option over another. When you need to make that choice, why is Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment the right business to turn to for help? Consider how we work hard to stand apart for our clients in terms of both quality and reliability:

  • Our years of experience and family background. We've been in the wine industry for more than a generation, and we're excited to share our knowledge with others when it comes to choosing the right tools for the job.

  • Our strong relationships with Italian winemaking equipment manufacturers. Our connections with these proven developers of leading equipment enable us to provide our partners with more solutions suitable for winemakers operating at large, mid-sized and small scales. 

  • Our commitment to customer service. When you choose to work with Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment to make your next major purchase, you can expect a high degree of collaboration and support from our team. We want to ensure your investment is a valuable one.

Services Related to Wine Filters in Australia We Also Offer

At Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment, filtration solutions are far from the only products we offer to our fellow winemakers. To support your operations, we've carefully curated a selection of products running the entire gamut of the process. What are some of the other ways, besides filtering, that our team supports your business?

  • Crushers and presses for initial grape processing. 

  • A wide variety of pumps suitable for all purposes and use cases. Outfit your entire operation with the pumps it needs in our "one-stop-shop." We make custom pumps! 

  • Advanced winemaking systems, including cold stabilisation hardware and ceramic wine filter solutions.

ridgelea logo high def.png
About Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment

Now in business for more than 30 years, our family-owned business has a proven passion for winemaking borne out over our decades of service. Today, we're excited to offer proven filtration solutions for even the most challenging wines while also supplying a full range of products to support your efforts from the vine to the bottle. To learn more, get in touch with our team today.​

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