CME Destemmer/Crushers

Currently, over 40% of the Australian grape crush is being processed by CME crushers! 
CME have been making destemmer/crushers for over 70 years, and have been represented by Ridgelea in Australia for over 30.  
They are renowned for producing high quality must while still being robust enough to handle anything an Australian vintage can throw at them.   
DPN 10 Destemmer/Crusher

Although the DPN 10 is the smallest destemmer/crusher from CME, it is still a very capable machine that ensures your product is kept at the highest possible quality.   Ideal for small wineries producing premium wine, these machines are easy to use, clean and maintain.

DPN 15 - 60 Destemmer/Crushers

Ranging from 15-60 tonnes/hour, these mid-range machines offer strength and versatility.  Their easy access makes them ideal for cleaning and maintenance.  

With a variable speed beater shaft and removable crusher cassette, these machines can handle all sorts of fruit as well as machine-harvested or hand-picked fruit.

DPN 80 - 130 Destemmer/Crushers

These large machines are the flagships of the CME fleet, with a design that makes them extremely robust while at the same time gentle on the product.  Even when running at full speed the stalks being ejected look like they have been plucked by hand, and there is minimal stalk content in the juice obtained.   Large CME crushers are processing over 700,000 tonnes every year in Australia alone.


CME also have accessories to suit the destemming process, such as stalk mincers that reduce the stalk volumes by up to 80%, right through to sorting tables and aspirators.   They also have pumps in several styles that can be used as must pumps.

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