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Dynamos Rotary Crossflow Filter

This revolutionary design from Padovan uses crossflow technology to produce a machine that can filter lees without the use of any filtration mediums. This machine provides maximum return with minimal input.

The rotating membranes mean that there is no need for high flow or high-pressure pumps, so it is incredibly gentle on your product. There is no noticeable increase in temperature and very low shear stresses.

Its gentle handling and lack of filtering medium means that your filtrate is of the highest quality and in most cases can be added to your original free run or rackings. Very low exposure to air means virtually no dissolved oxygen pick-up, and unlike an RDV it can be used for relatively small batches.

Ultimately the Dynamos will allow wineries to retain as much premium product as possible, and reduced labour costs, earth usage and disposal costs will ensure that you get the maximum return from your investment.


  • Will filter to less than 1 NTU regardless of original product

  • Fully or semi-automatic operation

  • Can handle bentonite, carbon, PVPP and most additives

  • Can be used for juice and wine

  • Viable alternative to RDVs

Sizes Available: from 1 to 128 square metres.

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