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Miscellaneous Items

Ridgelea Catalogue Original 67.jpg

Capacity: 500 to 900 bottles/hour (one label).


  • Solid construction (metal gearing)

  • Bottle diameter: from 55mm to 115mm

  • Possibility of labelling the front and back label from one label roll

  • Height of labels: up to 190mm

  • Low power consumption: 0.2 kW

  • 240 volt

  • Framework made of stainless steel

E03 Labelling Machine
Semi-Automatic Labeller | SK Group

The semi-automatic labelling machine, model E03, is used for applying labels to bottles and other containers of similar cylindrical form and is a practical and efficient solution for small or medium-scale production.

Self-adhesive labels are used, which are wound on a label roll. The in-built optical sensor secures the application of labels in the right place and allows for the application of two labels (front and back labels) for the same product from one roll. The optical sensor also allows for the addition of a second label (such as a gold medal!) to already labelled bottles. It can also apply a back label if a front label has already been applied.

Bardiani Valve.jpg

Bardiani Valves
Valves | Bardiani

Bardiani Valves are high-quality valves suitable for sanitary applications.


  • Wide range of options and different valve configurations

  • Suitable for dairy, pharmaceutical, wine and juice production

  • High level of customisation and after-sales support due to individual serial numbers on every valve

  • Famous "Giotto" top for automation

Steam Water Mixers.jpg

Steam-Water Mixers
Mixer | CSF Inox


  • Connect to a steam supply to produce hot water

  • Easy to install and use

  • Safe

  • Efficient

  • Versatile

  • Silent

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