Ridgelea has been supplying high quality filtration equipment for over 30 years, a time that has seen massive improvements in the field.   We now offer more traditional styles of filtration, such as earth filters, but also crossflow filters and more recently, the rotary crossflow filter that is designed specifically for lees.  
Nitor Series Crossflow Filters

The Nitor series of crossflow filters have organic capillary membranes (inner diameter approx. 2mm) and nominal porosity of 0.2 micron.

Suitable for filtering grape juice, wine, sparkling wine and vinegar, Nitor is the all-round filter for wineries.

With 3 series within the Nitor range there is sure to be a filter to suit your needs.

  • Nitor CA Series (fully automated and expandable up to 400 sq.m.)

  • Nitor Smart Series (fully automated, available up to 80 sq.m.)

  • Nitor Super Smart Series (semi-automatic, available up to 80 sq.m.)

Dynamos Series Crossflow Filters for Lees

The Dynamos crossflow filter is a rotary dynamic crossflow filter that is designed specifically for the purpose of filtering lees and products that traditionally would not be filterable in a capillary style crossflow filter.  

With its rotating membranes it has the unique ability to be able to filter high solids products, with recovery rates of up to 95% of the available liquid!  

Additives such as bentonite, PVPP, carbon and finings do not present an issue for this machine, making it extremely versatile.

Taylo and Taylo Lux Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

The Taylo and Taylo Lux series of rotary drum vacuum filters have been industry leaders for many years.  The Lux series filters have a patented tilting trough which not only increases the filtration rate but also reduces oxidation.  External extraction pumps make them an excellent machine for cleaning and maintenance.

Greenfilter and Victoria Filters

The Greenfilter and Ecofilter series filters are horizontal plate pressure leaf filters.   They can be supplied in sizes ranging from 2 sq.m. right through to 80 sq.m.  The Greenfilter series are an incredibly versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of products and results, while the Ecofilters have the added ability to filter sparkling products.

From 6 sq.m and up these machines have dry-cake discharge for easier cleaning.

Master and Master Inox Plate Filters

The Master Plate filter series are extremely simple yet versatile filters.  Available in many sizes and configurations, these can be used in many different situations and industries.

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