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Earth Filtration

The Greenfilter and Ecofilter series are horizontal plate pressure leaf filters. They can be supplied in sizes ranging from 2 sq.m. right through to 80 sq.m. The Greenfilter series is an incredibly versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of products and results, while the Ecofilters have the added ability to filter sparkling products. From 6 sq.m. and up, these machines have dry-cake discharge for easier cleaning.
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Greenfilter T Series
Pressure Leaf Filter | Padovan

The "T" Series Greenfilters are ideal for smaller wineries or larger wineries where portability and the ability to filter small batches are important.

The bottom plate is a residual filter meaning that losses are incredibly low, and the tilting plate pack ensures thorough cleaning with minimal effort every time.

With the same filtration screen design as the larger machine, it offers the same performance in a much smaller package.


  • Horizontal filter plates with specially designed drainage grids

  • Removable chamber and tilting plate pack for easy cleaning

  • Residual filtration as standard

  • Flowrate and pressure indication

  • Mobile unit that can be used anywhere in the winery

Sizes Available: 2 to 5 meters squared.


Pressure Leaf Filter | Padovan

The Greenfilter is a tried and tested machine that has a strong presence in Australia due to its reliability and ease of use.

With dry cake discharge and the optional residual filtration, losses are minimal through the filter meaning that you retain as much of your valuable product as possible. The dosing pump is variable to ensure that you get the best performance out of each filtration run.

Horizontal plates ensure that even during a power outage there is no loss of product.


  • Horizontal filter plates with specially designed drainage grids

  • Dry cake discharge and in-built cleaning system

  • Water flushed seals when cleaning

  • Flowrate and pressure indication

  • Option of residual filtration

Sizes Available: 6 to 42 meters squared.

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