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Relco Grape Samplers

Relco Instruments have been supplying the wine and food industry with analysis equipment since 1985.
Their grape analysis systems are capable of measuring:
Sugar (Baume/Brix)
Total Acid (TA)
WP Series Direct Analysis System
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The WP300 is the first and the only system that provides the grape must analysis directly on the sampling probe, meaning that the sample is returned directly to the truck once complete. Using the highest standard in analysis technology, this machine represents the ideal solution for speed, reliability and efficiency. It is composed of a control panel that is fixed near the sampler and an analysis cell installed on the probe; a remote display and printer provide visual and printed results at your desired location.  The automatic functionality is managed by the remote keyboard that also controls the hydraulic crane. 

WS Series Analysis System
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Designed for indoor installation, the WS300 system uses an automatic system to transfer must into the analysis cell.   With the option of performing sugar, pH, total acid and colour analysis, this system provides the most comprehensive results of your grape intake on the market.

Automatic cleaning, a touch-screen and optional industrial computer make the system extremely easy to use with minimal intervention.

WT Series Sampling Systems
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The WT series samplers allow for the extraction of a sample of grapes into either the on-board WP analysis head, or into the weighbridge office and a WS analysis system.

With many options available these hydraulic cranes can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

WL Series In-Line Sampling Systems
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The WL Series analysers are built directly into the must line providing a real time analysis of your entire batch.  With many options available these systems provide an alternative to weighbridge samplers.

Relco also provides lab analysis units for measuring sugar and colour.   The SR Series of refractometers  can provide accurate measurements of concentration in a wide range of products.  The SC series are spectrocolorimeters for the colour analysis of a wide range of non-transparent liquids in the food and wine industry.

Acquiring a Grape Analysis System for Next-Generation Winemaking

For larger wineries and viticultural operations working at scale, an advanced grape analysis system is an invaluable tool for exercising a higher level of control over quality. Many factors influence the final taste, appearance, and aroma of a wine. Traditionally, it was not truly possible to know how a vintage may turn out before it reached a stage ready for consumption. With accurate sampling and analysis engaged at every part of the process, creating the wines that today's consumers want and enjoy is much simpler. So where should your operation turn to acquire such advanced hardware? At Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment, we're proud to provide resources from some of the world's leading manufacturers of wine analysis equipment so you can sample from the vine to the vat with ease.

The Importance of a Grape Sampler

Why invest in sampling hardware? Why not just stick to the traditional techniques and let each vintage be whatever it becomes? When you've invested untold sums in major winemaking infrastructure, your staff must know precisely where each batch stands so you can achieve the quality your clientele expects. With an advanced sampler, you can:

  • Rapidly assess the quality of grapes on the vine to better plan for how to process them at the next stage.

  • Test the must for sugar content and other compounds to ensure that fermentation will not become "stuck" due to the presence of inadequate sugars or other problems.

  • Ensure that wine meets the appropriate quality standards and does not contain any of the unwanted chemical compounds that could affect its quality. 

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When Buying a Grape Analysis System, Consider This

How can you be assured that you're making the right investment in any given hardware? This high-tech machinery doesn't require an advanced degree to use, but you should still exercise caution before making a hasty purchasing decision. To ensure you make the most of your spend, consider the following things:

  • Some equipment requires a high level of intervention, while others are more wholly automated. Choose the type of equipment that aligns with your labour requirements.

  • Find a system that easily integrates with your existing data infrastructure. For example, the units we offer have capabilities for networking rapidly with other parts of the winery, sharing sample analysis data as soon as it comes in for immediate action.

  • Choose a system that supports the volume of wine you produce regularly. A sampling system should not become overwhelmed with the amount of analysis it must perform. Instead, select units capable of providing robust, consistent aid to your workers throughout the process. For guidance, our team can help. 

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Why Trust Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment For a Grape Sampler?

At Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment, we're proud to have operated our family-run business since 1987, supporting winemakers across Australia in their endeavours. With a trusted record of quality and connections to major Italian manufacturers such as TMCI Padovan, we're ideally positioned to aid vineyards of all sizes in taking steps to embrace the next generation of wine-related technology. To make a purchase enquiry today, please get in touch.

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Lab Analysis Units
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