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CME Destemmer/Crushers

Currently, over 40% of the Australian grape crush is being processed by CME crushers! 
CME have been making destemmer/crushers for over 70 years, and have been represented by Ridgelea in Australia for over 30.  
They are renowned for producing high quality must while still being robust enough to handle anything an Australian vintage can throw at them.   
DPN 10 Destemmer/Crusher

Although the DPN 10 is the smallest destemmer/crusher from CME, it is still a very capable machine that ensures your product is kept at the highest possible quality.   Ideal for small wineries producing premium wine, these machines are easy to use, clean and maintain.

DPN 15 - 60 Destemmer/Crushers

Ranging from 15-60 tonnes/hour, these mid-range machines offer strength and versatility.  Their easy access makes them ideal for cleaning and maintenance.  

With a variable speed beater shaft and removable crusher cassette, these machines can handle all sorts of fruit as well as machine-harvested or hand-picked fruit.

DPN 80 - 130 Destemmer/Crushers

These large machines are the flagships of the CME fleet, with a design that makes them extremely robust while at the same time gentle on the product.  Even when running at full speed the stalks being ejected look like they have been plucked by hand, and there is minimal stalk content in the juice obtained.   Large CME crushers are processing over 700,000 tonnes every year in Australia alone.


CME also have accessories to suit the destemming process, such as stalk mincers that reduce the stalk volumes by up to 80%, right through to sorting tables and aspirators.   They also have pumps in several styles that can be used as must pumps.

Find the Wine Grape Crusher Best Suited to Your Volume

All wine starts on the vine, but the actual process of making a new batch must begin with an efficient wine grape crusher following the harvest. Whether you're initially crushing before a pressing for white wine, or you're hoping to create a fabulous must for a full-bodied red wine, a fast way to de-stem and crush the grapes is essential. No one has the time — or frankly, the desire — to stomp grapes down the old-fashioned way with one's feet. Instead, robust mechanical solutions that can strip grapes, remove stems, and crush the berries simultaneously are the modern preference. Especially for large winemaking operations, finding a suitable crusher is an all-important early step. At Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment, we're proud to provide a full range of crusher-destemmers from industry-leading Italian manufacturers, CME. Why work with us to acquire this important hardware?

Fast Facts About Our Destemmer Crushers

First, let's take a quick look at everything you need to know about the different options we provide. What should you know about our destemmer crusher solutions?

  • We have solutions ideal for even small wineries that need to process only a few tonnes of grapes per harvest. On the other hand, we also have high-end machinery capable of processing up to 140 tonnes per hour.

  • The most advanced CME crusher can handle even larger volumes of grapes — all without damaging your precious products. With less stalk content and cleaner-plucked stems, the resulting musts are much higher quality.

  • Our solutions can ably handle both hand-picked fruits and those harvested by machine without a noticeable impact on must quality.

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What to Expect from Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment Regarding Wine Crushers

When choosing to make such a significant investment, excellent service is a must-have, not an optional addition. When you decide to explore purchasing with our business, you can anticipate:

  • Top of the line resources. When you need specific insight into the hardware we have, you'll find the info is never hard to come by, and the quality of the equipment we supply is unparalleled.

  • Dedicated customer service. From your first point of contact to the last, we emphasise friendliness, transparency, and ease of access. When you have questions or concerns, we're never far behind with the answers.

  • Flexible acquisition solutions. Talk with us today about how to get the equipment you need delivered to your winery so it can go into action as soon as possible.

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Why Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment is a Cost-Effective Option for Grape Crushers

Investing in any winemaking equipment is a big decision. You must know that you will be able to establish a substantial ROI with your purchase. We work tirelessly to source and provide equipment that works harder, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain over time to ensure you can extract the most value from it. Backed up by customer-centric service and a strong desire to provide clear insights for smart buying decisions, Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment has been a fixture in our industry for decades. Contact us today to start the purchasing process or to learn more.

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