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Ridgelea is your preferred high quality winemaking machinery supplier.

We are proud to announce the release of our new Smart Pump, the "Marksman".

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Wine batching smart pump

Since 1987 Ridgelea has established itself as a premier supplier with a singular focus on customer satisfaction.  Collectively the team at Ridgelea have over 70 years experience in the wine industry.  

Our diverse skill sets and experience allow us to provide a bespoke solution for your winery.


We have established a portfolio of equipment from suppliers that are leaders in their respective specialities.   The machinery we sell is proven in the field and chosen for quality, reliability and performance.


Being a family owned business we take pride in our work and understand that you do too.   We seek to understand your unique requirements and call on our experience and range of products to meet your needs.

TMCI Padovan

Filtration and Winemaking Equipment


Destemmer/Crushers and Pumps

Siprem International

Membrane, Vacuum and Continuous Membrane Presses

SK Group

Membrane Presses and Tanks

CSF Inox

Centrifugal and Helical Screw Pumps


Rubber Impeller and Centrifugal Pumps


Rubber Impeller Pumps

Relco Instruments

Grape Sampling Systems

We Supply the Best Commercial Winemaking Equipment

Commercial winemaking equipment is required to simplify the process of creating a brand of wine that competes with the regulars for a spot in the wine cellar. It provides the opportunity to develop a wine that stands out and quickly become a favourite at dinner parties. Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment supplies all the tools required for commercial winemaking.

What You Should Know About Commercial Winery Equipment

Wine production is one of the oldest industries created by humans. In fact, it helped the food industry become the third-largest market around the world after water and energy production. Over the years, modern machinery was introduced to streamline the winemaking process and reduce waste.

  • There are many considerations in the winemaking process, such as gentle handling and increased efficiencies.  When you source the ideal equipment, it allows you to produce wine of a higher quality and provides flexibility in your winemaking decisions.

  • Even the simplest pump selection can have a positive effect on your winemaking, and that theory carries through the entire range of equipment available for the different stages of the process.

  • Filtration plays a massive role in supplying clear wine to the tables of consumers. With the range of filtration equipment available, the process is faster while delivering an aesthetically pleasing wine that’s free from particles and bacteria.

Discover the Marksman Smart Pump

Wine Batching Smart Pump

With over 30 years experience supplying pumps to the Australian wine industry, Ridgelea has developed the Marksman Smart Pump.

The new Marksman Smart Pump will revolutionise your workflow. With standard features including batch control, tank sensors, and a touchscreen with smartphone control, your winery will be optimised for efficiency. A variety of options means we can tailor the Marksman Smart Pump to suit your requirements.

Benefits of Using Industrial Wine Equipment

Obtaining wine equipment is a significant investment but you gain the opportunity to put a stamp on the wine market with your unique signature. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a typical week in 2018 showed that over 50 per cent of the population consumed alcohol with the preferred beverage being wine at 26.7 per cent. Consequently, you can rest assured that your efforts will result in profits.

  • In your winery you have the ability to produce your own masterpiece, and the correct selection of equipment will allow you to achieve the best end result without compromising,

About Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment

We are a family business that has been passed down for generations from 1987. Everything that you require to enhance your winery, from pumps, crushers, filters, presses and samplers, we have it all.

Contact us for your winemaking equipment.

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