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In order to achieve great value from your winery pumping system, you need a versatile system that can handle the myriad of tasks that pumps are used for around the winery.

Having pumps dedicated to pumping-over is an expensive proposition considering they are only used for a few weeks a year. So why not have a pump designed for pumping-over, but also versatile enough to be used for other applications throughout the winery, all year round?

A new system developed by Ridgelea Pty Ltd, allows you to do just that.

Pumpover System:

The new system will handle the specific problems

encountered during pump-overs, as well as being

able to perform the following tasks:

  1. General transfers using a hand-held pendant *
  2. Level control (such as for a press juice tray)*
  3. Automated barrel filling and emptying *

During the pump-over phase the controller can perform the following functions

  1. Run for a set amount of time (determined by the operator)
  2. Re-start the pump-over after a set delay (again set by the operator)
  3. Detect a blockage in the line and attempt to clear it
  4. Activate an alarm upon failure to clear the blockage
  5. Option to turn on a powered irrigator at the same time as the pump

The pump and control panel are supplied on a mobile trolley, and dry-running protection is included as standard to further protect your valuable wine. The system is designed and built locally, giving you more flexibility in adapting the system to suit your specific needs.