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M Series Positive Displacement Pumps

Helical rotor pumps are extremely versatile pumps due to their ability to handle viscous products and also products with high solids contents. They are ideal as must pumps under crushers or as general use pumps around the winery.

Their ability to pump to high pressures makes them suitable for use with chillers and long lines within the winery. They are also reversible and can self-prime over short distances.

Image shown: CSF 'M' series pump head on a Ridgelea Professional Package with enclosure upgraded to stainless steel. To see more pump package options, click here.


  • Available in many different configurations, including as transfer pumps or open throat

  • All wetted parts in 304 stainless steel

  • Ability to handle viscous liquids and high solids content

Flow-rates Available: up to 120 kL/h

Pressures Available: up to 60m (6.0 bar) | 2-stage series up to 120m (12.0 bar)

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