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The helical screw pump is a positive-displacement self-priming pump with one single rotating shaft. The steel rotor and rubber stator form the main pumping elements. By turning the rotor inside the stator, a hypoclycloidal movement is made, and moving recesses between the rotor and stator convey the product from the suction to the outlet.

Because of the versatile nature of this type of pump, they can be employed in many different fields, such as the food and beverage industry, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, chemical or water treatment - just to name a few.

In order to service such a large range of industries, CSF pumps are available in a wide selection of configurations. As can be seen below, the screw pumps are no exception, offering a range starting from your simple transfer pump through to larger units with hoppers and bridge-breakers. The pumps can be configured to your exact needs, whether it be a fixed-speed pump mounted on a crusher, or a mobile unit with speed control.

CSF Helical Rotor Pumps:

These pumps are open-throat pumps suitable for the pumping of products such as must (underneath a crusher or press) or any substance which requires a large in-feed hopper.  

MC Series

These pumps are suitable for the transfer of liquids or pastes with fittings on both the suction and delivery of the pump.

MA Series

In order to accommodate other needs, these pumps come in a variety of configurations from CSF.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Other arrangements: