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Automatic Resin Stabilisation Plant

The Ambra stabilisation system operates on wines and musts at ambient temperature using cation resins. They are engineered to obtain perfect flow during stabilisation and regeneration, with complete drainage at the end of a cycle. Easy to use, they reduce stabilisation costs with no reduction in colour or colloidal changes.


Continuous Cold Stabilisation Padovan

With flow rates between 2,000 and 20,000 L/hour (higher capacity on request), the Kristalstop gives you the capability of stabilising your wines in as little as 90 minutes! The scraped evaporator allows the product to be chilled to near freezing in order to cause immediate crystallisation. The '20' model is semi-automatic, while the '40', '60', '100', '150', and '200' models are fully automatic. On request, the plant can be built with 'PED' testing suitable for sparkling wine.

Wine conductivity after the treatment is continuously monitored with automatic recycling in order to achieve your specified result. Moreover, the system is provided with hydro-cyclones that continuously separate the formed crystals for re-seeding.

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