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Kristalstop Continuous Cold Stabilisation

The Kristalstop gives you the capability of stabilising your wines in as little as 90 minutes! The scraped evaporator allows the product to be chilled to near freezing in order to cause immediate crystallization. The 20 model is semiautomatic, while the 40- 60-100-150-200 models are fully automatic. On request, the plant can be built with “PED” testing suitable for sparkling wine.

Wine conductivity after the treatment is continuously monitored with automatic recycling in order to achieve your specified result. Moreover, the system is provided with hydro-cyclones that separate and recycle the formed crystals for continuous re-seeding.


  • Scraped evaporator cooling

  • Dramatic reduction in power requirement

  • Recovery of tartrate crystals

Sizes Available: from 2 to 20 kL/hour.

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