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Earth Handling


Pneumatic Loader

These units are designed to reduce earth handling by transferring filtering mediums (and other powders) through hoses into mixing tanks.


Because these systems work under vacuum they are very effective at reducing the amount of airborne dust through the use of earth and other filtering mediums. They employ a 3 stage process that involves a suction (loading) phase, an emptying phase and a cleaning phase. This process repeats to ensure that the filters remain clean and the unit operates at an optimum rate.


The option of a frame allows bulk bags to be emptied automatically by the system, and it can also be programmed to dispense set amounts of product.


  • Works under a vacuum to provide minimal dust in the air

  • Able to move products from small bags or bulk bags

  • Easy to use

  • Ideal for OH & S

  • Optional bulk bags frames are available

  • Can be used to service more than one filter

Sizes Available: Up to 1,300 kg/hour.

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