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Concentrate Processing Lines


Desulphurisation Plant

Description: Falling film evaporator for clear juices and forced circulation evaporators for high solids products.

Sizes Available: from 1 kL/h of evaporated water.


  • Superior final product quality: lowest holding time, no thermal damage

  • Running simplicity: continuous and steady process (automatic control)

  • Long operating cycles

  • Best energy balance versus high yields (very low utilities consumption)

  • High concentration limit: 70º Brix for clear juices

  • Thermal vapour recompressor (TVR) is available as an option to reduce steam consumption


Evaporation Plant

Description: Desulphurisation plant for must with SO2

Sizes Available: from 2,500 l/h of sulphurised must.


  • Three-stage plate heat-exchanger for must inlet

  • Desulphurisation column with bubbling valve trays

  • SO2 neutralisation device by means of lime or caustic soda

  • A mechanical steam compressor is optional for greater reduction of steam composition

  • Designed to treat musts with 1,800 ppm of SO2 giving <80 ppm at the outlet (suitable for fermentation). If run at 50% of nominal capacity, it gives <10 ppm of SO2 at the outlet (suitable for human consumption)

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