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Along with their destemmer/crushers, CME also offer a range of accessories for sorting grapes, and removing and shredding stalks.

Crusher Accessories:

The machine is build in AISI 304 stainless steel with the exclusion of the rotating parts, transmission and motor. The stalks fall through a system having fixed and rotating knives. In this manner we obtain a 80% reduction of stalks volume.

Stalk Mincers

Our aspirators are made of a sturdy metal section frame where the electric motor is housed. The steel wheel is directly shrunk on the motor and rotates inside a thick plate scroll thus sucking grapestalks which are conveyed into the connecting pipe and finally discharged to the required direction. CME aspirators are rugged, practical and reliable: let us help you solve any problem you may have in conveying grape-stalks over long distances.

Grape Stalk Aspirators

Widely used in Europe these sorting tables are ideal for the selection of premium quality grapes.

Vibrating Sorting Tables