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SK Group Pneumatic Membrane Air Press

Grape pressing is one of the most significant operations during the processing of grapes. In order to achieve a constant quality of wine, the pressing should always be adapted to the particular grape quality. Above all the grape variety, the degree of ripeness and the proportion between stalks and berries have to be taken into consideration.

With a solid design and efficient operation, these machines can provide excellent results both in terms of quality and recovery. They are easy to use and allow the operator the option of using a preset program, their own program or running in manual mode.


  • All wetted parts in stainless steel

  • Large hermetic hatch with pneumatic drive

  • Electropolished draining channels

  • Automatic control unit for preset and user programs

  • Option for open, closed and oxygen-free pressing (on some models)

  • Large range of options on all models

Sizes Available: 500 to 15,000 L capacity.

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