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Siprem Vacuum System Press

Siprem has challenged the traditional idea of squeezing the juice out of grapes and has developed a system that uses a vacuum to extract the juice instead. Protected by international patents, the Vacuum Series offers unique and superior technology that is unmatched by traditional pneumatic membrane systems.

The must extraction system acts with negative pressure, avoiding the exposure of oxygen and thereby enhancing the quality of the extracted juice.  

The end result is that you get similar yields at a much lower pressure, giving you a higher proportion of free-run and high-quality pressings.

By incorporating the VS Gas Technology System, you can create a completely inert environment from press to tank.

These presses are ideal for quality-conscious winemakers or organic wine producers.


  • High proportion of free-run and high quality pressings

  • Minimisation of pressing times

  • Improved must quality in general due to low pressures

  • Optional oxygen free pressing

Sizes Available: from 2,000 to 50,500 L

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