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Siprem Continuous Membrane Press

Yes, you read it correctly.  Siprem has developed and patented a continuous membrane press.  It has all of the advantages of a traditional membrane press, such as low solids content and minimal seed taint, with the addition of being a continuous process.

The PCM series of presses continuously process and produce high-quality juice and wine equivalent to a batch pneumatic membrane press, but with the added convenience of automation.

Compared to a continuous screw press, the results of the PCM presses are far superior:

  1. No downgrade of quality in the product produced

  2. No mechanical abrasion of the marc

  3. Seeds are left intact

  4. Nominal 3% lees for reds, compared to 12- 15% for a conventional screw press, resulting in significant savings through the smaller volume of lees needing further processing

  5. Suitable for white grape varieties

Each machine is divided into several pressing compartments that press at increasing pressures, meaning you can still separate your free run and higher quality pressings to your liking. 


  • Large volumes can be continually processed

  • Individual pressing chambers allow for the separation of fractions at different pressures

  • Similar results to a standard air-press but in a continuous process

  • Highly efficient

  • Minimal labour requirement

Sizes Available: from 10 to 60 tonnes/hour.

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