Siprem Continuous Membrane Press.png

Siprem Continuous Membrane Press

The PCM series of presses continuously process and produce high quality juice and wine equivalent to a batch pneumatic membrane press, but with the added convenience of automation.

Compared to a continuous screw press, the results of the PCM presses are far superior:

  1. No downgrade of quality in the product produced

  2. No mechanical abrasion of the marc

  3. Seeds are left intact

  4. Nominal 3% lees for reds, compared to 12- 15% for a conventional screw press, resulting in significant savings through the smaller volume of lees needing further processing

  5. Suitable for white grape varieties


  • Large volumes can be continually processed

  • Seperate pressing chambers allow for separation of fractions at different pressures

  • Similar results to a standard air-press but in a continuous process

  • Highly efficient

Sizes Available: from 10 to 60 tonnes/hour.