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Simplex Plus
Sifa Compact

Simplex Plus & Compact Semi-automatic Crossflow Filters

Thanks to their small filtering surface and competitive prices, the Sifa semi-automatic machines are an excellent solution for small to medium wineries that are looking for the latest technology without a large investment.


The Compact series filters can be expanded up to 90 sq.m. at any stage, providing flexibility for future expansion without the cost of a new machine.


  • Hollow fibre polymeric membranes with a nominal porosity of 0.2 μm.

  • 10 sq.m. modules

  • Automatic backwash (during filtration and during washing)

  • Inlet-outlet pressure control gauges

  • Automatic re-circulation on the tank

  • Use of the same tank for washing

  • Possibility of re-circulation in the client tank (Compact only)

Sizes Available: 

Simplex Plus - 10 sq.m.

Compact - 30, 60, & 90 sq.m.

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