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Taylo Taylo Lux Rotary Drum Filter

Due to its tilting trough design (Taylo Lux series), this machine increases the efficiency of the filter by keeping the blades as close to the product as possible. This reduces the amount of air being sucked through the cake and allows more drying time per rotation, thereby increasing the flowrate.

The external extraction tank and pump provide ease of access for servicing and provide the operator with a visual indication of the filtration. The anti-foaming device assists with reducing losses due to foaming, and the recirculating pre-coat system reduces the settling of earth during the pre-coat phase.


  • External extraction pump

  • Tilting trough (Lux up to 20 square metres)

  • Anti-foaming device

  • Recirculatory pre-coat system to reduce settling

Sizes Available: from 3 to 70 square metres.

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