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Nitor + Automatic Crossflow Filter

This new generation of crossflow filter from Padovan has been developed using fluid dynamic studies to optimise the distribution of liquid inside the membranes. The diameter of the pipes, the radius of the curves and the feeding cone have all been increased to reduce pressure drops and turbulence.

With an incorporated positive displacement pump as a feed pump, the filter is not susceptible to pressure fluctuations on the infeed, making it more reliable and consistent in filtering. This pump, being reversible, also allows for effective emptying of the filter at the end of filtration.


  • Membranes available in PES, PP, or ceramic

  • New design improves flow distribution in membranes and efficiency

  • More effective CIP and lower dead volume

  • Able to filter in 2 different modes - constant flow or constant pressure

  • Multiple options available

Sizes Available: 40 to 800 sq.m.

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