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FlottaFlux Continuous Flotation System

Flotation is the opposite of the settling process whereby air or inert gas is injected into the juice, then the finely subdivided bubbles combine with suspended solids making them lighter and causing them to rise. Before flotation, the juice is enzymed and treated with clarifying agents in order to flocculate its colloidal substances.


Flottaflux is the ideal machine for medium-large wineries that want to clarify their juice continuously in a quick, simple and reliable way.

The Flottaflux unit assures a continuous separation of solids from grape must and fruit juices by utilising the “dispersed gas flotation” process.

The plant is completely self-cleaning (including the pressure and lees tanks), and the variable rotation speed and 5 suction heads provide homogeneous lees aspiration.

The gas is dissolved by means of a candle in sintered stainless steel, which means small bubbles and therefore an optimum separation of the colloidal flocs.


  • 1 or 2 centrifugal feeding pumps made of 304 stainless steel, including 1 x sieve type pre-filter (removable)

  • 1 saturation tank (2 for 'FlottaFlux 600')

  • Clarifying agents dosing units

  • 1 Flotation basin (2 for 'FlottaFlux 600')

  • 1 suction rotating device for each basin, with 5 suction heads each for the floating lees removal

  • Clear must collecting system

  • Lees extraction device with a piston pump

  • Air blower for vacuum lees aspiration

  • Self-cleaning

Sizes Available: 15, 30 and 60 kL/hour.

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