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Menc-Inox Rubber Impeller Pumps

The Menc-Inox range of pumps are stainless steel self-priming flexible impeller pumps from the Italian company Mencarelli.

The impeller, deforming itself inside the stainless steel pump body, ensures a quick suction of up to 5 meters and a continuous and delicate transfer of the liquid to the outlet.

The low revolution speed makes it suitable for transferring delicate and fragile liquids, as well as fluids with suspended solids.

The Menc-Inox series is characterised by a very simple design that enables quick washing and maintenance interventions.

Menc-Inox pumps are produced in 5 versions for capacities from 4 to 54 kL/h and speeds of 190 to 1,400 RPM.


  • Reversible pump that can handle reasonable levels of solids

  • High flow-rates for pump size

  • Can be used for many applications around the winery due to their versatile nature

  • Self priming

Flow-rates Available: from 2.4 to 54 kL/hour.

Pressures Available: up to 35m (3.5 bar).

The G series pumps have the following features:

  • Immediate priming at a depth of up to 5 metres, even when running dry

  • Flow reversibility

  • Low speed motor, which ensures a gentle pumping action for delicate liquids

  • Continuous and regular pumping action

  • Capacity to handle viscous and solid-laden liquids

  • High thickness steel (3/4mm) which ensures a higher mechanical and corrosion resistance, and therefore a longer life

  • Monobloc pump casing casting for higher strength and a better seal

  • The cleaning and replacement of the mechanical seal and of the impeller are incredibly simple as the pump can be taken apart with ease

  • Flexible impeller made of entirely non-toxic synthetic rubber (Neoprene or EPDM) and resistant to different acids

  • Mechanical seal made of NBR-graphite or NBR-tungsten carbide

G-Series Rubber Impeller Pumps

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Pump Packages

Pair a rubber impeller pump with one of our flexible pump packages. Click on the button to find out more, or click on the 'contact us' button in the footer to contact our sales team.

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