C.M.E. Peristaltic Pumps

CME peristaltic pumps have speed control as standard, and are extremely versatile within the winery. The pumps can be run dry meaning that there is little risk to your valuable product, and also means that their ability to self-prime far exceeds that of other pumps.

They are also extremely gentle on your product, and the ability to reverse the pumps, self prime and handle extremely viscous products makes them a valuable pump for any winery.


  • Advanced hose for long life

  • Variable speed as standard

  • New range of 'X' series pumps that are lighter and cheaper

  • Reversible

  • Option of infeed hopper

  • Mobile

Flow-rates Available: up to 75 kL/h

Pressures Available: standard up to 40m (4.0 bar) | higher upon request.