Ridgelea has been supplying high quality filtration equipment for over 30 years, a time that has seen massive improvements in the field. We now offer more traditional styles of filtration, such as earth filters, but also crossflow filters and more recently, the rotary crossflow filter that is designed specifically for lees.  
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Lees Filtration

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Earth Filtration

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Crossflow Filtration

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Plate Filtration

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The Importance of Wine Filtration Equipment

The average shopper has no idea how much effort goes into creating that bottle of beautifully clear red wine that they pour into their glass. They often don't know there is a difference between fining and filtration, either. When fining is not an option, or when you require results faster or more efficient than what you can achieve with fining, filtration is the ideal solution. Your choice of wine filters in Australia is important for many reasons:

  • Specifically for reds, filtration ensures a more brilliant colour. Clarifying the wine through filtration ensures that the wine does not take on a "cloudy" appearance. Although primarily an aesthetic improvement, many winemakers find this to be an essential part of their process.

  • Filtration contributes to the microbial stability of the wine once bottled. The filtration process removes suspended solids and fine particles, which may include bacteria. Once removed, there is less likelihood of residual fermentation in-bottle, leading to off-flavours.

  • The right filtration equipment offers more value from every harvest, with the capability to extract more usable wine from leftover lees.


Wine Bottles


We've been in the wine industry for more than 35 years, and we're excited to share our knowledge with others when it comes to choosing the right tools for the job.



Our connections with these Italian winemaking equipment manufacturers enable us to provide our clients with multiple solutions to suit winemakers operating at large, mid-size and small scales.



When you choose Ridgelea, you can expect a high degree of collaboration and support from our team. We want to ensure your investment is a valuable one.

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When you need to replace or add a new wine filter to your production operations, what kind will be the right one for your needs? How can you ensure you remove only the unwanted components you want to eliminate while leaving behind a more clarified wine that reflects the visual properties you wish to see in a bottle? With so many kinds of wine filtration equipment on the market today, it is not always easy to know which to choose or where to make your investment. Making the right choice the first time matters, though, and finding an experienced team to lend a hand might not be a bad idea. At Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment, we're proud to bring more than 70 years of total experience in the winemaking industry to bear for our clients.

With a wide range of wine purification products and an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of each type of unit, Ridgelea Winemaking Equipment is perfectly positioned to outfit your winery with the upgrades it requires. Let's explore the importance of the choice you're about to make, then explore some fast facts about the different types of wine filters in Australia we provide for sale.