C.M.E. DPN Series Destemmer / Crushers

Combining efficiency, versatility, hygiene and quality, the DPN series crushers have earned a reputation around Australia for being robust enough to handle Australian conditions while still providing excellent results in regards to the quality of destemming and crushing.

With many features such as adjustable cage placement and crusher rollers, the machine can be adapted to suit your winery’s needs. The cage can also be removed vertically if required, meaning it is suitable for installation in tight crusher pits.

The design allows easy access to the machine for cleaning and maintenance, and the opening rear door (pneumatically controlled on the larger machines) ensures minimal down-time.

These machines have set the standard in Australia and are responsible for processing over 50% of the total crush of Australia.


  • Heavy duty construction ideal for Australian conditions

  • Gentle handling and excellent destemming results

  • Modern design for ease of cleaning and maintenance

  • Robust and reliable

Capacities Available: from 10 to 130 tonnes/hour