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Relco instrumentation have developed a system for testing grapes upon receival into the winery, that quickly and easily gives sugar and pH readings without requiring any transfer of must into the laboratory. The unit is housed entirely on a movable crane which is simply lowered into the bin of grapes where a sample is taken, tested, and then returned to the bin. This not only speeds up the process, but also eliminates the loss of juice from the load and the build-up of samples in the lab.

An automatic washing system inside the sampling unit ensures that there is no mixing of samples, and also eliminates the possibility of contamination of the must. The system can also be set-up to your specific needs through digital displays and printers, allowing you to immediately see the results of a test, as well as produce hard-copies suitable for both your records and those of your suppliers.

The system is made up of two main components, these being the hydraulic arm for taking the physical samples from the bin, and the actual testing unit. The picture below shows both of these components.

Relco Grape Samplers:

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The WL200 system  is designed to analyse grape must directly on pipe- line from crushing unit to tanks (or lines of production). It has the possibility to manage until four lines (from 1 to 4 max) and represents a practice alternative to standard analysis systems to entry and erase any problems with sampling. Furthermore its computerized functionality allows to take advantage of Windows® potentiality with a customized software for the visualization, and storage, of all analysis parameters (instantaneous and average), statistics processing, archive of producers, vineyards, analysis sessions. Its management information system controls in real time all instruments involved using a 10,4" touch-screen LCD and can be also connected to an Ethernet or to a printer to have a summary bill.

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