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Padovan ‘Master’  Plate Filter

The traditional plate and frame filter still provides versatility and functionality.  

There are two different models of Master filters:

- Master Light 40x40 for still products filtration (max. operation pressure: 4 bar),

- Master Inox 40x40, 60x60 e 100x100 for still and carbonated products like soft drinks, wines, juices, sparkling wines and beer (max. operation pressure: 8 bar)

The standard version consists of:

• chassis in carbon steel plated with stainless steel AISI 304, on wheels, manual closing with with 3-spoke screw, hydraulic and/or electrical closure on Master Inox version,

• longitudinal sheet holders,

• extension ram in case of less plates,

• drip tray made in stainless steel AISI 304,

• Noryl plates with gaskets in food grade silicone rubber,

• butterfly valves in stainless steel for inlet and outlet,

• sampling and drain tap in stainless steel AISI 304,

• 2 pressure gauges,

• external manifolds connected to fixed plate,

• standard manual hydraulic closure for Mod. 101/81 and Mod. 101/101

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