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The semi-automatic labelling machine, model E03, is used for applying labels to bottles and other containers of similar, cylindrical, form.

Self-adhesive labels are used, which are wound on a label roll.  The in-built optic sensor secures the application of labels to the right place.  This labelling machine provides for the application of two labels (front and back label) for the same product from one roll.  

The labelling machine E03 is a practical and efficient solution for small or medium scale production.  




    capacity: from 500 to 900 bottles per hour (one label)

    bottle diameter: from 55 to 115 mm

    possibility of labelling the front and back label from one label roll

    height of labels: up to 190 mm (lower margin of labelling tape on height 25 mm)

    grid connection power: 0,2 kW

    voltage: 230V 50/60Hz

    mass: 45 kg

    dimensions: 580 mm (460 mm) x 560 mm (440 mm) x 460 mm (višina)

    framework made of stainless material

Labelling Machines:

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Additional Photocell

The semi-automatic labelling machine Model E03-F is equipped with an additional photocell. The additional photocell can detect an existing label or emblem on the bottle and therefore enables precise positioning of an additional label in the desired place.

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