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Padovan have been market leaders in the filtration industry for many years, not only because of their innovation and design, but also because of their reliability and consistent performance.  Ridgelea are proud to represent Padovan in Australia and have been their agents for over 25 years.  We carry a large range of spares and our experience with the complete range of machines ensures our backup support.

Filtration Technology:

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Padovan’s latest technology is an exciting crossflow filter capable of filtering heavy wine lees without the use of any filter aid.

It recently won the “Innovation Award” at the 2011 Simei exhibition in Milan.

‘Dynamos’ Rotary Crossflow Filtration


Padovan Greenfilters have become one of the industry standards for earth filtration due to their horizontal plate design and robust construction.   They are available from 2 to 42 square metres and have a patented filtration screen design.

‘Greenfilter’ Earth Filtration

Simple yet effective plate and frame filters, with filter sheets as a filtering medium.

‘Master’ Plate Filtration

The Nitor and Nitor Smart are Padovan’s capillary type membrane filters. They offer a range of machines varying from 40 - 400 square metres, with one of the simplest expandable designs available.  

‘Nitor’  and ‘Nitor SMART’ Crossflow Membrane Filtration


Suitable for the filtration of lees and sludges, these filters are ideal for filtering heavy juice or wine lees.  They use a filtering medium so the level of filtration can be adjusted to suit your needs.

‘Taylo’ and ‘Taylo Lux’ Rotary Drum Vacuum Filtration

Taylo Dynamos

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