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CSF Centrifugal Pump - CS 50-260-2-30 - NEW

High efficiency open impeller pumps

Maximum Flowrate: 69,000 l/h

Maximum Head Pressures: 102m (10.2 bar)


• Stub shaft design (fits onto standard motor);

• Open impeller d. 260mm;

• Investment cast stainless steel housing;

• All wetted parts in 316 stainless steel;

• High quality and efficiency;

• 3" BSM fittings inlet and outlet;

• Equipped with 3 phase motor: 22 kW, 2 poles motor (2,900 rpm), IP56 protection.

The entire CS range of pumps are made entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel. The housings are made using chemically polished investment castings, providing a high quality finish with minimal tolerances. The impellers used in this range are 6 vane open impellers, and the pumps have high efficiency ratings providing you with a gentler handling of your valuable wine.

The pump is supplied with motor and without electrics, can be used in a fixed installation or as a mobile unit.

List price: $ 8,996 + GST

Special stock clearance price: $ 5,840 + GST


The pump can be supplied on a mobile trolley with electrics (as shown in picture 4), POA.

Quantity available: 1