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CSF Helicoidal Centrifugal Pump - CR 100-4-5.5 - NEW

High volume, low pressure pumps

Maximum Flowrate: 120,000 l/h

Maximum Head Pressure: 13m (1.3 bar)


• Gentle handling;

• Close coupled design (fits onto standard motor);

• Helicoidal  screw impeller;

• Investment cast stainless steel housing;

• All wetted parts in 316 stainless steel;

• Combines some characteristics of centrifugal pumps and augers;

• Equipped with 3 phase motor: 4 kW, 4 pole motor (1,450 rpm), IP56 protection;.

Centrifugal pumps incorporating a special auger type screw shaped impeller, which is ideal for the gentle handling of very delicate fluids and large soft solids in suspension. Wetted parts in investment cast 316L stainless steel, electro-chemically polished to ensure the perfect surface finish. The clamp casing and seal design allows quick disassembly for inspection, cleaning and maintenance. It also enables the delivery port to be rotated to any position for easy installation. A stainless steel shroud and adjustable feet are available on request

The pump is supplied with motor and without electrics, can be used in a fixed installation or as a mobile unit.

List price: $ 5,941 + GST

Special stock clearance price: $ 3,997 + GST


The pump can be supplied on a mobile trolley with electrics (as shown in picture 4), POA.

Quantity available: 1