Winemaking Machinery and Equipment Suppliers

CME have been at the forefront of destemmer/crushers for many years. They are renowned for their robust machines that not only handle Australian conditions but excel at providing gentle handling and efficient destemming.  Their range of machines now varies from 10 tonnes/hour right through to the 130 tonne/hour model DPN 130.

Crushing Equipment:

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Aimed at the medium sized winery, this range of crushers provides consistent results and reliability.   They are designed for handling all types of grape varieties, including hand-picked and mechanically harvested.

Destemmer/Crusher models DPN 15 - DPN 60

Designed for the large wineries, these machines are designed and built with reliability in mind.  Many of the larger wineries in Australia are running nothing but CME crushers due to their gentle handling and robust construction.

Destemmer/Crusher models DPN 90 - DPN 130

Designed with the small winery in mind, these economical machines provide all of the features of the larger machines in a scaled down version.

Destemmer/Crusher model DPN 10

CME also have a range of accessories for their range of crushers.  These include items such as the stalk shredder that reduces the volume of stalks by up to 80%, or the aspirator which removes the stalks from the end of the machine without a conveyor belt.

Crusher Accessories

DPN 15 - 60 Accessories Accessories