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Padovan ‘AMBRA’ Continuous Stabilisation

Padovan have recently developed a system that stabilises wine at ambient temperatures using ion exchange resins

Ambra is a new tartaric stabilisation system operating at ambient temperature through the application of cation resins. The ion exchange treatment consists of passing the wine through a column containing resin in cationic form.

The resins may be charged with sodium (Na+) or hydrogen (H+), or a mixture of Na+ and H+. When the wine is treated with resin in sodium form, Na+ is exchanged with K+ present in the wine; when the resins are charged with H+, the acidity of the wine would increase due to the exchange between the H+ ion (from resin) and the K+ ion (from wine).

This may be suitable for treating low acid wine, which would benefit from increased acidity while being stabilised.

Advantages of AMBRA:

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